This coin is totally experimental and is a play on the word BitCoin for South Africans.  Anyone can request coins from the ICO page using Ropsten test ether. This is a super simple smart contract and was used to get me familiar with the concepts, coding and user interface management of and Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Why BoetCoin? bro/bra/bru/boet/boetie – a close male friend and a term of affection used by one male to another. All words are variations of the word "broer" in Afrikaans meaning "brother". Boetie (Pronounced 'Boet - tea') specifically means little brother in Afrikaans because of the "ie" diminutive suffix. You could say, "Hey brohowzit" or "Thanks a million bro for lending me your car". When you refer to another male as bro is it because you consider that person to be such a good friend he is like a brother, a family member. Bro can also be used for strangers but only also if you wish to show a welcoming and friendly attitude towards them or when you want to deescalate tension in a friendly way as in "Chill out bro". However you would certainly not walk around calling every man you see, bro, because in South Africa the term is not used as loosely as it is in the US for example. It works by sending test ether to the smart contract address and the code that I have written automatically changes that into Boetcoin for you to use. This is an autonomous BoetCoin ATM.

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