My Cyber Doggos Journey into NFT’s

Cyber Doggos: an AI art NFT creation.

I am a learn by doing person and this week has been about learning how to create NFT’s – I have worked with some smart contracts before but this in the space of DeFi applications like staking, lotteries and ICO development.

The story here is that I have seen so many projects spring up on Opensea and Rarible that I thought I would try my hand at creating my own. Its actually been really a fun project as this merges some of my favourite topics:

  • Programming
  • Crypto
  • Ethereum
  • Art

Cyber Doggos is a collection of NFTs – unique digital collectibles, running on the Ethereum Blockchain. 1000 doggos have been programmatically generated from an kennel of combinations, each with unique characteristics and different traits.

For example this is Cyeber Doggo 0369.

His attributes are: 

id: purple_bgr
name: Background
value: Purple
id: collar_pink_clothes
name: Accessory
value: Pink Collar
id: none_ear
name: Accessory
value: null
id: sun_black_eyes
name: Accessory
value: Black Sunglasses


id: white_fur
name: Fur
value: White
id: none_hat
name: Accessory
value: null
id: bone_mouth
name: Accessory
value: Bone

Once the program has run and all the Doggos have been generated, the next step is to start the smart contract process and create the NFT token.  I haven’t mastered the process of mass uploading all of the doggo’s into the Ethereum blockchain. 

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