Young and ambitious – Sage Young 04 April 2021

To the young and ambitious people of the world, take it from me. I have wasted too much time thinking about why not to do/show or talk about something that I am interested in during my career. For fear of revealing that I have a blind spot. This is the wrong approach.

Have an idea you want to discuss? Pick up the phone and tell someone.

Have a cool chart that you made? Take it out and show someone.

Connected the dots between two things that don’t seem to make sense? Good, tell everyone you can.

In every single instance I have been better off showing, talking and doing something than simply putting it aside ‘for another time’. Remember you may be wrong, but what comes out of showing and doing is the chance for that idea to reflect off someone, back onto you. You get to see things differently as they come back to you.

Give the concept, the idea, some breathing space and you will be infinitely better off and will learn more in the process.

In short, do more things.

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