Python: Instagram Post Scheduler

Auto Post



  • If Your Photo Does Not Fit to the screen, You Can Use This Feature Called expand, to Use This Feature Just Unmute Below Lines:
  1. #expnd_btn = browser.find_element_by_class_name('pHnkA') [line:55]
  2. [line:56]
  3. #time.sleep(1) [line:58]

Before Running

  • Open File and Edit The Following Lines:
  1. username = 'USERNAME' # Enter your username here [line:23]
  2. password = 'PASSWORD' # Enter your password here [line:24]
  3. file_path = r"C:\Users\P Sinha\Desktop\Capture.png" # File Path Where Pic/Vid is Stored That You Want To Upload [line:25]
  4. timee = "21:44" # Specific Time When The Post will be Posted [line:92]
  5. caption = 'Hi There, P Sinha this side !' # Write Your Caption Here [line:65]

Ensure that you have Chrome installed and the chromedriver that matches your Chrome version available on your $PATH. You may have to update this from time to time.


pip install selenium
  • Install Schedule:
pip install schedule
  • Install pyautogui:
pip install PyAutoGUI


  • Run the program using:

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