Marc Andreessen – The Moment with Brian Koppelman

  • To be a creative professional, you need to be proactive in trying to get your work out there
    • You can’t rely on the quality of the work alone
    • “Creativity is a collaborative exercise between the creator and the audience”
    • People are BUSY
      • “They’re not sitting around dreaming up new product ideas that they hope someone else builds. You have to invent them and BRING IT TO THEM.”
  • As an artist, aim to get yourself into the scene/mix
    • The scene = the collision space (things HAPPEN when you’re in the scene)
  • You have a much, much better chance of getting a startup funded by a venture capitalist with some sort of warm referral
    • Cold pitches almost never work
  • Instead of following your passion, focus on the area in which you can make a contribution
  • Realize that most of your ideas about how the world works are probably wrong
    • Aim to have strong views, weakly held

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