Josh Waitzkin: How to Cram 2 Months of Learning Into 1 Day – The Tim Ferriss Show

Josh Waitzkin — How to Cram 2 Months of Learning into 1 Day (#375)

  • No matter what you’re practicing, always finish strong 
  • Align your peak energy periods with peak creativity work and actually schedule thinking time into your calendar
  • An exercise that’s helped Josh and many of his clients:
    • End your day thinking about an important question and then wake up the next morning (pre-input, before checking your phone or any news) and brainstorm on it (either on paper or in something like Evernote)
  • Practice the art of letting go and turning it on/off
    • “Most people in high-stress industries are always operating at this simmering 6, as opposed to the undulation between deep relaxation and being at a 10”
  • Cultivate empty space in your life to escape the noise and really focus on what matters most
    • “If you get away from a lot of the noise, it’s much easier to take that 30,000-foot view and see what really matters”

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