Graham Duncan: Talent Is The Best Asset Class – The Tim Ferriss Show

Graham Duncan — Talent Is the Best Asset Class (#362)

  • On hiring:
    • Focus more on references
    • A great interview question – “If you were hiring somebody to do this job, what criteria would you use to hire them?”
  • Credibility = Proven Confidence + Relationships + Integrity
  • Spend more time thinking about tough problems – actually schedule thinking time
  • If you’re looking to improve in a certain area, hire a coach – it’s some of the best money you can spend
  • ALWAYS question your assumptions
    • A good thing to ask – “How might the opposite of this belief be true?”
  • Just like people are billionaires financially, if you have more than a billion seconds left in your life – you’re a time billionaire
    • (A million seconds is 11 days, a billion seconds is slightly over 31 years)
    • Just think – How much would a 90 year old billionaire pay to go back in time and be 20-years-old again?
  • During joyful experiences, try to pause and imagine yourself in the future asking- “How much would I pay to be in this moment again?”
    • Doing so, really helps you to appreciate life’s special moments

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