Chartered Banker, web and data science tinkerer. I enjoy solving problems using the internet.

I am the Head of department at a Specialist Lender in the United Kingdom. My role requires the ongoing delivery of commercially viable and pragmatic data driven solutions to meet the banks strategic objectives. This is within the context of the banks operational activity and its risk management disciplines. My role gives me creative freedom to consider how best to implement and monitor customer focussed initiatives from rapid tech based credit decisioning, insight generation from unusual data sources, pre arrears strategies and collections customer segmentation.

In 2021 my role widened with additional responsibilities related to the banks wholistic approach to Climate Risk according to the regulations as set out by the Prudential Regulatory Authority. Prior to joining the lender, I ran a banking risk and consumer consultancy practice in Johannesburg South Africa, with a mission to unlock the potential of big data for private and public organisations.

In 2019 I started investigating the concepts around cryptocurrency and its application to traditional banking applications and see major potential. I currently support the Bitcoin and Dogecoin networks with the running of full node core software with a view to unpacking its fundamentals. I also provide a platform for anyone to access a digitally secure Doge Coin wallet. Most recently I have been investigating the principles around Decentralised Finance and what this means for the next 20 years within financial services. To be really clear, I have yet to find somebody who has really done their homework on crypto assets that isn’t truly amazed by the potential for the asset class. So if you are a sceptic, read on, if you are a convert read on, all of the ideas I write about here are wholly my own or clearly referenced to others.

As a Chartered Banker (2019), I hold a Master’s Degree (2010) in financial management and an honours degree in Investment Management (2008) from the University of Johannesburg and I live in London. Anyone wishing to discuss the things I write about are welcome to contact me here.